Tuesday, February 19

Cake Mix Cookies

In the cold winter months, I love to warm the house by bakin breads, bars, and cookies. Here for your own house-warmin enjoyment is one of the laziest cookie recipes I have ever tried. They're tasty, don't get me wrong, but for cryin out loud, how hard is it to measure out some flour, bakin soda, salt, and sugar?!

Essentially, this is just fixin up a box cake except you add a 2nd egg instead of water to thicken the batter, then spoon out cookies instead of spreadin the mixture into a pan. I wonder if someone got paid for this genius idea...

1 box Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix (okay, Betty - I understand that you want to promote your brand, but there's no need to be a dictator here. You can use any brand or flavor of cake mix you damn well please. I have eaten these before where the baker used a Funfetti mix and they were just fine.)
2 eggs
1/3 c. oil
1 tsp. vanilla

How to:
Stir well until mixed all together (I feel a little mean sayin this, but I'll do it anyway: DUH). Add 1 c. chocolate chips (faux pas, Betty! you didn't list chips in the ingredients!) and mix well. Drop by teaspoonful onto cookie sheet. DO NOT OVERBAKE! (in my mind, that line is screamed at the top of my Mom's lungs). Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. (Some ovens are hotter than normal. Check cookies after 8 minutes.) (uh, excuse me Betty, but parenthetical asides are reserved for ME.)

At the bottom of the church cookbook page where I found this recipe is this aphorism: "Success comes from hard work and the help of the Lord". Guess I'll have to remember to ask for Jesus's help when I'm bustin the sod in my garden next Spring.

These cookies taste excellent, despite their ease and "semi-homemade" style. Noms!

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