Wednesday, March 5

Five Cup Salad (Winter Salad)

Because it feels like winter is never gonna end, you should make this salad. Why is it subtitled 'Winter Salad'? How should I know? The ingredients list makes it seem kinda tropical to me. Maybe that's the point - make this salad in winter and close your eyes while you eat it and pretend you are in Hawaii or somethin. Then when you open your eyes and see all the stupid snow outside, you just start cryin because you tricked yourself so good.

1 buffet can mandarin oranges (buffet can? what is this? surely this cannot mean that this salad requires one of those massive institutional-size cans of oranges!?)
1 #2 can pineapple chunks (again, what? pardon my ignorance; I didn't grow up in the 50's)
1 c. miniature marshmallows
1 c. cocoanut (sorry, not my spellin error)
1 c. maraschino cherries
1 c. english walnuts (chopped, optional)
1/2 pint cultured sour cream

How to:
Mix together, let stand in refrigerator for 3 hours or more. (Similarly vague instructions to the Midwest Macaroni Salad, but at least there are no gapin holes in the directions here. This recipe is from a Miss B. Wireman, by the way, from the 1974 Roosevelt Elementary School Cookbook. Do you think she withheld her first name in order to stave off children's cries of "Nice salad, Betty/Barbara/Bernice!"?)


Ballz McCracken said...

Cultured sour cream? As opposed to ignorant, redneck sour cream?

Anonymous said...

I tried this one, and it made my heart sing.