Wednesday, July 16

Applesauce Salad

Hello! I am back from my self-imposed hiatus and boy howdy, do I have some great recipes to share with you.

It's July, and what key ingredient of Midwest Cookin also starts with a J? That's right - JELLO!!!

I therefore welcome you to the


Our first entry is Applesauce Salad, from Mrs. Walter (Eleanora) Happel of Immanuel Lutheran Church. I never imagined that there would ever be a use for red hots other than as a cookie decoration, but Mrs. Walter (Eleanora) Happel has proven me wrong.

1 (10 oz.) pkg. red hots
1 pkg. cherry Jello
1 pkg. lemon Jello
3 c. boilin water
1 (15 oz.) can applesauce

How to:
Dissolve red hots, cherry Jello and lemon Jello with boilin water. Add applesauce. Refrigerate. (Well, couldn't get any simpler than that, eh? Don't ask me how long this should be refrigerated for; use your best judgment and at least wait until the "salad" is set.)

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