Thursday, January 3

Mother's Peppernuts

Today's recipe comes to us from Leona Joens, from the First Lutheran Church Cookbook. I believe this is for some sort of cookie.

2 c. sugar
1 c. lard (ew - I'd sub Crisco for that)
2 c. syrup or sorghum (wtf is "sorghum"? seems like a 50's thing)
2 eggs
2 even tsp. bakin soda dissolved in a little hot water
2 tsp. cloves
2 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of salt
8 c. flour (good lawd, that's a lot of flour!)

Oven temp: 350 degrees

Pan size: cookie sheet(s), greased

Cook time: ??? (IT DOESN'T SAY IN THE RECIPE! My guess would be 8-10 minutes, a standard cookie bakin time. Don't blame me if they turn out like crap - blame Leona.)

How to:
Roll out in hands and put on greased cookie sheet. (Okay...seriously, that's all she wrote. I presume that, like most cookie recipes, you'd combine the wet ingredients first, in a mixer, then separately combine the dry ingredients and gradually add the dry mixture to the wet in order to form the dough. I'm not sure what "roll out in hands" means, but let's say it means to make little balls of dough. As for what makes these "peppernuts" when they lack both pepper and nuts, your guess is as good as mine.)


Ballz McCracken said...

Sorghum is a grass that can yield a type of molasses different from sugarcane molasses. Found mostly in the southern states. Can you tell my family hailed from West Virginia? Do I hear banjos playing?

Ole Gustafsven said...

Also, its generally considered good pillaging form to spill the sorghum of the victim.